Baviaanskloof Farm life at Sederkloof Lodge
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Farm life at Sederkloof Lodge

Apart from providing luxury accommodation for tourists, we also have an active farming operation running at Sederkloof Lodge, with sheep, lucerne and organic vegetables to sell and use for our own consumption. We have an earthworm farm in which we recycle a lot of the kitchen waste (as much as the earthworms can eat!), and feed the rest to the compost heaps. The earthworms produce earthworm tea, which is a very good natural fertilizer and good to feed to young seedlings when they are germinating. 

Our lamb and venison meats are produced on the farm. We follow some simple principles to ensure that we farm in an ecologically sensitive manner in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site (see Our vision). The lucerne is used for our own sheep, and is also sold to surrounding farmers. We have not grazed the natural vegetation with our sheep since 2003 in order to restore the veld, which is only being grazed by game at the moment.  

Feel free to come and visit us down at the "opstal" to come and see how we farm!