Cave Dinner

This activity is offered to Sederkloof Lodge guests who stay three nights or longer, for groups of more than 4 people, with the exception of large groups. Guests are picked up in one of Sederkloof Lodge's 4x4 vehicles close to sunset, and are taken down to a large sandstone cave that was previously inhabited by bushmen and used later on as a kraal to keep livestock in at night. The cave has old bushman paintings in it, and white quarts crystals that formed in sandstone rock over thousands of years. 

The cave is lit up by fires and lanterns, which creates a wonderful ambience and provides for a very special and intimate experience at the entrance of the Groot Naguna gorge at night. 

An entree is served to guests by the fire by our chef, after which the main course is served at a large table. There is a small bar where guests can help themselves to their preferred drink. 

Dessert and coffee can either be served at the table, or around the fire, where guests often like to retire to after a delicious main course has been enjoyed, to spend the remainder of the evening talking around the fire or listening to the night sounds of the gorge and admiring the starlit heaven.


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