Cedar Hiking Trail

This activity is offered to Sederkloof Lodge guests who stay two nights or longer. It is a half-day hike which takes you up to a population of the endemic Willowmore Cedar trees that only grow in the Baviaanskloof and nowhere else on earth. Depending on the season, the river might be flowing or be dormant. The hike goes into a gorge surrounded by red sandstone cliff faces, where black eagles' nests can be observed, and if you are lucky, a pair of them may be hovering above you in the air. The gorge teems with wildlife, as this is where there is water and abundant food for birds and animals such as porcupines, bush pigs and kudus. The forest trees provide a lush canopy for birds to nest and feed in, which makes this the ideal place for bird watching early in the morning.

After approximately three hours of hiking through forest vegetation with the sound of running water and the smell of wild mint and sage and Imphepho that fills your body with a fresh herbal inhalance, you will arrive at the cedar tree forest. Here, the smell of cedar wood hovers in the air everywhere, and you can rest in the shade of the cedar trees.

A professionally qualified guide will accompany you on your hike i.e. Kiewiet Lukas or Pieter Vorster. Kiewiet was born on the farm, and grew up in the Baviaanskloof. He has a broad knowledge of the uses of various medicinal plants, and will inform you along the route, depending on how fast you would like to walk and how often you would like to stop to observe . Pieter Vorster has obtained a National diploma in Nature Conservation (Pretoria Technikon). He also did a South African National Professional Hunters Course, and obtained his FUGASA Level 2 plus trail guiding qualification.

This is a highly recommended hike to go on. It is advisable to leave early in the morning (i.e. 063h0) in summer, as it gets hot during the middle of the day, and it is best to be back at the lodge during the heat of the day to enjoy lunch and a midday siesta. Snacks and water are provided.


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