Sewefontein Fountains and Community Tourism

One of the exceptional natural phenomena that occur in the Baviaanskloof, is the Sewefontein fountains (Seven fountains, translated from Afrikaans). Here, crystal clear water flows from arthesian fountains . The water is used for drinking water by the surrounding farms. It is valued, cherished and respected by its users.

The local municipality has financed a wooden boardwalk that was constructed in 2011, and has initiated a local community tourism development that is managed by residents of the farm Sewefontein. The aim of the project is to ensure that the fountains remain in its pristine condition with an increased number of people who visit the fountains. The boardwalk takes visitors through a maze of wild fig trees.

Some trees have fallen down due to their shallow root systems that cannot withstand the violent thunder storms that sometimes occur in late summer. These fallen trees are like fallen heros, and contribute to the mysterious atmosphere that presides in the forest at Sewefontein.  As part of this excursion, visitors are also taken to an interesting open borehole which has been supplying the local community with clear water continuously since 1937. Be sure to taste some of the sweetest spring water! 


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