Grassland and savanna biomes in the Baviaanskloof

These biomes mainly occur on the valley floor, and are dominated by Acacia karoo (camel thorn) trees and other shrub and grass species. After good rains, a common sight is the beautifully elongated flower stalks of Drimia altissima (Hyacinth family), called "Katstert" or “Maermanne” in Afrikaans. Thorny shrub species include Lycium species, Beesting bush (Azima tetracantha), Num-num (Carissa bispinosa), Asparagus species and Putterlickia pyracantha. Common non-thorny shrubs include Grewia robusta (Kruisbessie) and Polygala nayrtifolia (September bush). The Kruisbessie’s seed grows out in four berries that form a square with a cross in the middle –hence the name Cross berry, directly translated from Afrikaans. It bears a beautiful pink-purple daisy-like flower. The September bush (Polygala myrtifolia) bears pink pea-like flowers on its light green branches with leaves arranged perpendicularly to each other.

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