Our biodiversity resin art

Sederkloof Lodge hosts such a gorgeous biodiversity resin art display! There is a jewellery display case with LED lights and a neon pink and black chessboard. A big deceased huntsman spider and a marbled emperor moth are to be seen.

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The process is as follows: Walk in the veld, see a pretty flower, pick it carefully, place it on a ceramic plate. Use tweezers to place it on wax paper. I use my old university of Stellenbosch's plant press. Identify the species with our "Plants of the Baviaanskloof" plant guide. Mix the resin. Pour the resin in the mold one layer only and place your objects inside - bearing in mind breaking surface tension and popping/burning bubbles all the way. Wait 24 hours.

Pour the second layer. Dome if necessary.

Two types of resin is used - epoxy art resin and UV resin.

My helpers and I sand and polish each piece by hand.

Then I do the soldering - I can make necklaces in thin or thick gold/silver/bronze chains, earrings studs or danglies and lucky flower magic keychains - available in glitter, neon pink, and glow-in-the-dark.

Finally, I design a card with your biodiversity piece's scientific name, common name, and some information and place it with your art piece inside a cellophane plastic bag.

I really adore Bastion Paint's glow-in-the-dark fluorescent powders.
• These powders charge in the light and then glow in the dark.
• They can be recharged repeatedly for 20 years.
• Also called photoluminescent, phosphorescent or strontium aluminate pigment.

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