The Sederkloof Lodge Vision

Our vision at Sederkloof Lodge is to practice sustainable eco-tourism and agriculture in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site  through:

  • producing an increasing amount of the food that the lodge consumes on-site organically, using home-made compost and earthworm tea;
  • buying locally produced products;
  • reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by minimising the amount of fossil fuel that we use to transport our goods from George, 250 km away, to Sederkloof Lodge; installing electricity meters to be aware of the amount of fossil fuel energy that we use, through making use of off-peak low cost electricity; and through researching renewable energy methods such as solar power and anaerobically digested methane biogas for our cooking and heating requirements;
  • participating in stewardship agreements with the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency;
  • participating in veld restoration initiatives such as the Spekboom Thicket Rehabilitation Programme;
  • supporting research and development in water catchment management and ecological restoration;
  • implementing sustainable farming methods such as non-lethal predator control methods (i.e. kraaling animals at night in a safe enclosure), rotational grazing, adhering to the stocking density, and erosion control;
  • supporting the development of waste and water recycling technologies in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site;
  • using our water carefully; 
  • protecting our heritage resources i.e. bushman paintings, and preserving it for future generations to experience; and
  • supporting the availability of good education and internet development centres for the people of Baviaanskloof.


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