Weather in Baviaanskloof

All seasons in the Baviaanskloof have something special to offer. Winters are a time for reflection, and it is during this time that we make lots of fires to keep you warm and cosy, with delicious food to accompany it. It is also very pleasant to do a long hike on a  winter’s day. During winter the minimum and maximum temperatures are between 0 and 28 degrees C   (June – August). Be sure to bring a warm jacket and hiking boots in winter, with a rain coat, scarf and mittens to keep you warm!

Spring time is a very beautiful time of the year to visit the Baviaanskloof. Everything is in flower, and new green growth can be observed on all the plants and trees (September –October). It is also a very good time to do hikes. It can still be cool in September, so be sure to bring some warm clothes and hiking boots along.

While there may be daily variations in temperature, summer is generally sunny and warm with maximum and minimum temperatures range between 40° and 15° Celsius (November – mid-March). The easterly sea wind ensures wonderful cool evenings. Big summer thunder storms are also widely celebrated when they arrive. It is best to start hiking quite early in the mornings during summer (e.g. 07h00 am).

Autumn stretches from mid-March to the end of May, when it becomes cold. During autumn you can enjoy the last heat of summer, and the transition towards cooler temperatures. It is a time to prepare for the winter and to wrap up all the activities of summer. It is mild time of the year, which makes it very nice for doing long hikes.

Whichever time of the year you choose to come and visit us at Sederkloof Lodge, we will ensure you have a memorable stay!

  • Please make sure to bring all food and drinks as there is only one very tiny farm shop that sells some basic essentials here. We can sell you wood as well as ice!
  • Be sure to bring an additional amount of cash as we do not have any ATM facilities here in Baviaanskloof.
  • Fill up BEFORE entering our pristine wilderness area. No garages here!
  • Our premises are only accessible via 4x4!

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